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Simply Connected
Need a Simple Solution to a Control Problem?
You've come to the right place. Coridium brings the power of a 32 bit ARM processor to an easy to use module and now a single board computer. Add to that a compiled BASIC that delivers performance 200 times what has been available before. With our library of hardware routines you can control a wide range of peripherals quickly. And now a pre-configured C compiler with extensive hardware support is available too.

You can monitor data and modify operating parameters through the USB, Bluetooth, or Zigbee interface and now Ethernet . Ideal for factory automation, home automation, data acquisition, and educational applications. Ready to use right out of the box so you can start solving your control problem today - no need to learn a new programming language or complicated development system. Combine our ARMmite PRO with a Vinculum Vdrive2 for a powerful data logger under $60.

ARMexpress LITE Module
60 MHz ARM7 CPU, Popular DIP24 form factor, BASIC compiler, or pre-configured ANSI C compiler , 16 IOs plus serial interface, 6 10bit A/Ds, 6 Hardware PWM channels.

ARMexpress Picture
ARMmite PRO Picture

                                                                                                                ARMmite PRO Single Board Controller
24 I/O's, 8 10bit A/Ds, 8 10bit hardware PWM channels USB programming interface, 60 MHz ARM power running compiled BASIC or C. And now a $49 wireless option

Why Coridium?
At Coridium, we believe programming a controller should be easy. That's why we developed Simply Connected™ technology - a complete package of hardware and software that makes solving your industrial automation or data acquisition application a breeze. Need more details check out the files on the Support page

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