I2C monitor

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I2C monitor

Post by basicchip » Thu Jan 24, 2013 12:23 am

I had an LCD panel that I'm trying to interface to, but like normal had no documentation on the backlight initialization sequence. The backlight was controlled by an I2C device (PCA9532).

But I did have a working version with another processor. So hook a couple lines up to a SuperPRO, and less than 100 lines of BASIC code, and I could trace the i2c accesses.

Sample trace --
  • WRITE c8 7
    READ c9 0 NAK STOP

    WRITE c8 7 1 STOP

    WRITE c8 2 0 STOP

    WRITE c8 3 ff STOP

    WRITE c8 8
    READ c9 0 NAK STOP

    WRITE c8 8 2 STOP
i2c monitor program in BASIC
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