possible auto widget

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possible auto widget

Post by YahooArchive » Sun Feb 10, 2013 11:00 pm

As I know there's a bunch of users in this group using the ARMs in automotive
applications, and I've had another small OEM request to build something. I
thought I'd poll the group for suggestions.

What I'm thinking of is a small board mated with an off the shelf enclosure and
a single 12-20 pin connector coming out of the box. The box would be about 2
cubic inches, potentially potable.

Take 12V input power (actually 6-36V) generate its own onboard 5 and/or 3.3V (5
because some auto stuff needs 5). The CPU would be an LPC1756. And then run a
number of IOs out, using multiple IOs to get max functionality on the available
pins (timer/counter/pwm/AD/UART)

I stumbled across the Murata OKI-78SR that looks like a great candidate for
power. So now along with feature requests, I'm looking for a box and connector
(probably go with wire to pin type connection, I still call them all Molex
connectors as I think they invented them).

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