79000 LED Controller Board

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79000 LED Controller Board

Post by JamesJackson » Mon May 25, 2015 11:15 pm

Just a note to update my ogress on my new 79000 PCB. I am using an LPC1114 Coridium BASIC chip. I have utilized almost all of the I/Os on the chip.

I am using 4 of the Analog Inputs -
1) Current Input (ACS711)
2) Temp Input (MCP9700)
3) Battery Voltage Monitor (0V - 24V)
4) Regulator Voltage Monitor (3.30V)

One of the Inputs is being used for Infrared Input and I use a remote control to send commands to the board.

I am using the I2C for an LCD Display (NHD-C0220BIZ-FS(RGB)-FBW-3VM) - I actually got this to work! WooHoo!

I have a piezo buzzer and am able to play a tune on it (next revision, I will be adding an LM386 to increase the sound level).

I am using 6 I/Os for LED outputs (not tested yet).

I also have the RS-232 wired to an output connector where I attach an FTDI USB to Serial (5V) adapter. I use this to program the Coridium chip (It works great!).

I have also added a 5V-to-9V DC/DC adapter which allows me to not only program the chip, but to run the board from my laptop USB port.

So far, it is working very well. I am learning a lot along the way.

The goal is to get this working and to replace my previous generation controller which is using a BASIC Stamp BS-2.

I am going to attach a series of up to 6 LED Rulers to the controller board, and it will fit into an 8x10 picture frame - and produce up to about 3000 Lumens of LED light - powered by a 12V (or 24V) SLA battery - which gets recharged by solar panels every day.

Initially, I was having issues with the I2C LCD display, but finally got over that hump, and am now moving on the other areas of the program.

My program is using about 8k of code space - and I am okay with that.

I hope I haven't violated any posting guidelines.

I really like this Coridium BASIC processor. It's really fast!


James Jackson

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