BASICtools and USB connect/disconnect

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BASICtools and USB connect/disconnect

Post by basicchip » Wed Feb 21, 2018 10:07 pm

BASICtools checks the registry for serial ports when it starts up.

If your device is not connected at that time, it will not be in the list of available serial ports.

BASICtools does not currently detect changes in hardware (like disconnecting or connecting USB devices).

So if you connect a device or change connections, you must REFRESH the serial ports under options for BASICtools to recognize that change.

There may be ways we can add this at some future date, but for now if you change USB connections, you must do the REFRESH and then choose the proper serial port; even if it appears to be the same port. When disconnected Windows closes the port, but does not flag that as an event, so BASICtools just gets an error when it tries to access it without having been re-opened.

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