BasicChip bit-bang serial

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BasicChip bit-bang serial

Post by ronr » Tue Jul 25, 2017 7:39 pm

I have used the bit-bang serial routines for the BasicChip on a few projects. I could not get things to work faster than 9600 baud, so I just stayed with 9600. Now I'd like to use 38400 and find that it and 19200 still do not work (garbled). I am using the SERIAL.bas with "waitmicro" calls (September 2015). Is there a newer version that could fix this problem? The documentation suggests that it should work up to 57K.
Thanks for any insight.

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Re: BasicChip bit-bang serial

Post by basicchip » Wed Jul 26, 2017 4:00 pm

SERIAL.bas was done originally with the Stamp sized module when there was only one serial port. Though I admit I too used bit-banged serial for a diagnostic port on an LPC4078 project, as all 4 other serial ports were in use.

There has been no work on bit banged serial since the beginning, and not much need for me to look at it. Could the code be sped up, maybe. But a better option is to use a part with more serial ports.

On the low end I tested the waters for an LPC812 based part, and still have a few lying around. Though it did not seem to gather enough interest to go to market. The same with the LPC11U37 (with builtin USB). Both of those have more than 1 serial port.

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