Daughter cards

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Daughter cards

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> I'm looking for your ideas. A beginner's workshop needs a way to
> extend the prototype area of the ARMmite with an auxiliary board,
> possibly stacking a small "daughter" board over the ARMmite, or
> stacking the ARMmite over a larger "mommy" board. The auxiliary
> will have its own DC power. The boards need to be pluggable. What
> you found to be a good (0.1-inch pitch?) PCB-PCB stacking scheme?

Good Morning, Ron.

Take a peek at the files section - I up'd a .pdf with an idea...

Here is a proposed layout/interconnect for a 34 Pin header card. It
has 3 sources for power, a couple of grounds, all of the IO, and some
spare pins that can be use for components/etc. on the balance of the

Caution on the use of the 3.3vdc - not much headroom at all for
sourcing additional current beyond the 2103 (I am successfully using
to power a uALFAT-SD card, however). Regarding the 5vdc, pay attention
to the current limitations as spelled out in the docs. Regarding the
RAW input voltage from the jack, this can be used to power an VReg on-
board the daughter-card. I have used this approach successfully to
power many RC Aircraft servos on both the ARMmite and the ARMexpress
eval boards.

Hope this helps. Have a good day!


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