Xiamen LCD-09351

Questions on other types of hardware and getting it talking to the ARM CPU
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Xiamen LCD-09351

Post by YahooArchive » Wed Jan 30, 2013 1:28 am

>from the help line
>Is there a Coridium Armmite Pro GLCD library BASIC support avaiable for the:

>Sparkfun Serial Graphic LCD 128x64
>sku: LCD-09351

No we haven't written anything for that. In general we publish source for
devices that we interface to as part of our consulting efforts. There are way
to many devices out there to write sample code for all of them, even the
microprocessor vendors don't have those resources.

You should be able to write for this and most devices in either C or BASIC, and
please feel free to publish the code here.

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