Shields and more

Questions on other types of hardware and getting it talking to the ARM CPU
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Shields and more

Post by basicchip » Thu Dec 05, 2013 5:48 pm

>from the help line
>What is the diameter of the holes used for digital I/O? I would like to have your recommendation on push-in pins that be used to connect leads going to my solderless breadboard with soldering on the SuperPRO.

The holes are nominally 42 mil diameter, which accepts standard 0.1" header pins. Which I keep boxes of male and female versions around. You can also use jumpers from SparkFun, though some can be a little fragile. Solid core wire may work the best for plugboards.

>I found the 74 pin hole. Is the "ground" pin the pin next to pin 74 that is labled "C"

In the helpfile pin diagram (link from BASIC help) shows IO(74) connected to that pin. The GND is by the board edge (I should update the power ground map found later on the same page, only the load C connections have changed between versions).

>The documentation says that my board is pin-compatible with Ardruino shields. Can you give me some part numbers and sources for say, relay shields or temperature sensing shields?

Best to google for that, there are so many out there no one can keep up with all of them. For instance I needed to characterize a chip for setup and hold times, which we might have been able to do on a tester (though no one seemed to know quite how). So I took a PROstart board, went down to Fry's to pick up a SurfBoard to wire an SO-16 and found a SchmartBoard for the Arduino that had an SO-20 land pattern. That and a few wires later and I have a programmable 20-120 nsec delay line (using DS1023). Other places to look are Pololu and SparkFun as well as the Arduino site.
programmable delay
programmable delay
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