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memory expansion

Posted: Mon Oct 29, 2012 11:53 pm
by YahooArchive
>from support line-
>but one question is ARMmite board have the ability to be upgraded
with >more memory if so how much.

The ARMmite is one of a family of ARM CPUs from NXP that is a single
chip controller. In theory the memory could be expanded, but in
practice other than something like the Viniculum Vdrive, or a small
non-volatile serial memory its not done.

The reason is the interface would be through a serial link, or it
would chew up a lot of IO pins. Also it would be quite slow, so for
logging data or reading scripts the serial interface is fine, for
running code or storing more data it is really impractical.

There are members of the LPC family that support external expansion
memory, or have on chip up to 1MB of Flash or 64K of RAM. Its much
more cost effective to use that type of part. As of now Coridium has
no plans to build a system using external memory.