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Bot board II

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2012 12:00 am
by YahooArchive
--- In, "nsockwell" <norman@...> wrote:
> Has anyone used the Arm Express Lite with the Bot Board II from
> Lynxmotion. It is normally used with the Basic Atom controller. I am
> fairly new to microcontrollers and would like to use this combo.
> Thanks, Norman

Hi Norman,

Yes, that's exactly how I use it, and it works very well.

The only trick to it is that in order to program it using the ABB's
serial connection, you'll need to put some small wires and a switch on
the ArmExpress lite.

If you look at the Arm Express Lite, about half way up on the right
hand side, there is a box with the letters LD in it. There are also
two little holes. I soldered some wires and a switch in there on mine.

switch closed = enable programing
switch open = run