Questions about the BASICtools and MakeItC
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> (from support line)
> I think I need to change my design a bit. I just read that
> the system won't auto run when connected to a USB. My
> system will be continuously connected to the USB, which if
> it won'lt auto run I will need to power separately and
> not use the USB. If that is the case I will need to use two
> I/O pins for TX and RX.

As designed when the PC comes up I believe it runs the program (my
blinkey program** will confirm or deny that). The default state on a
PC are for DTR and RTS low (on RS232). But this might depend on a
lot of different variables (motherboard, BIOS, PCI chipset, USB
chipset, what Bill Gates had for dinner....)

I don't know if its predictable when the the card is plugged in as
the driver toggles the line quite a bit when it IDs the USB device
and it seems to be a function of which drivers and devices that
control the USB (not our end)

In any case a 2 line Tcl program could kick the board off from the
PC, which you could start on Startup from the PC. Tcl programs can
be converted to standalone .exe files with FreeWrap.

You may be looking at the "legacy mode stuff", in which case when
they open the serial port they put RTS and DTR high (on RS232) which
holds the board in reset. This you can get around by reprogramming
the FT232 (details in help files). Actually MatLab is a bit wierder,
holding DTR high and RTS low, which doesn't seem to coincide with
anything else.



for i=1 to 100
io(15) = i and 1
wait (500)
next i

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