Questions about the BASICtools and MakeItC
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>from info line

> 1) The instructions that use PWM and HWPWM require a value
> that determines duration of the waveform. Is there a way to
> generate a pwm with infinite duration? For example, an
> infinite glitchless sin wave?

PWM is routine that is backwards compatible with the BASIC stamp, and
is a software driven routine. The HWPWM uses the hardware PWM
circuitry of the LPC2103 to generate an infinite pulse stream. This
output is a square wave, but it can be filtered by something like a
MAX280, though this would require custom setup of the PWM hardware to
generate the 2 different cycle PWMs.

> 2) Can the hardware that is used for the PWM be under
> direct control of user software. That is, can it be used as
> an 8 bit D to A converter?

Both PWM and HWPWM can be filtered to generate a D/A converter

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