Constant strings

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Constant strings

Post by YahooArchive » Thu Jan 10, 2013 3:25 pm

In the ARMmite the current limit for the number of constant strings is 1K bytes.
Now for most people this has not been a problem, but there are a couple of you
out there that have broken past this limit. Unfortunately the compiler didn't
flag that as an error in all cases.

Constant strings are generated by code like--

PRINT "this is a constant string"

IF a$ = "and another constant string" then ...

I've placed version 7.42 of the compiler into the files section of the group
that raises this limit to 4K for the ARMmite. In addition it does flag the
error when that limit is exceeded. To try it out copy ARMbasic.exe into the
Program Files/Coridium directory.

But, if you use DATA statements that limit is 1K like before.

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