file name limitations

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file name limitations

Post by YahooArchive » Fri Jan 18, 2013 4:59 pm

> On a complete hunch - the only clue being the "data" in the message, I tried
source in a folder named ARM. No crashes! I changed the $Data folder name to
#Data, surmising that the $ was being misinterpeted in the code.
Works like a champ! The folder on the networked drive did not have a leading $,
> Hope this helps some fellow ARM-heads out there. The Coridium guys might even
want to consider a fix, or at least a little documentational notice. (If it's
in there already, and I just didn't read it, sorry. I'll just be embarrassed.)

I can't say we would or could offer a fix. A rule of thumb is to not use
strange characters in file names. Especially where you might have a lot of
different tools being used in the process.

For instance, its unwise to use * or ? in a filename. As you can't use them in
a command line to do a directory. Likewise : / or \ will cause problems
figuring out directory names. A . will cause similar problems.

In your case the leading $ is interpreted as a variable by the Tcl interpreter
when it reads your .ini file, and tries to compile that. A leading # would be
interpreted as a comment by many programs including Tcl and GCC.

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