Win98 non-support

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Win98 non-support

Post by YahooArchive » Sun Feb 10, 2013 7:25 pm

>from the helpline
> Can I run on Win98 on and old laptop?

While all the pieces probably run on Win98, last time I checked something in the
flow did not work, and we aren't going to fix it.

Win2000 is a viable alternative on a machine that can run 98. Win2000 does not
require registration with Microsoft.

I was actually running XP on a laptop that originally had ME running on it. I
had to strip everything out of XP, but it did run in 256MB of memory.

Now for $300 you can get a NetBook running XP that works great (in fact I use an
HP mini when I'm on the road). Or XP refurbed desktops on ebay <$200 or the
local computer repair place can probably get you an old XP desktop <$100.

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