corrupt ini files

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corrupt ini files

Post by YahooArchive » Sun Feb 10, 2013 7:30 pm

File this under should have been done long ago.

On occasion between revisions of both MakeItC and BASICtools something changes
in the .ini file that is incompatible the new version. So once in a while when
you install the newer version you get an odd error at startup and the program
won't continue. The solution to blow the .ini file away still works. It's just
following Microsoft convention, it can't be in the Program Files directory
anymore, which was easy to find, but now that directory has to be read-only. Also I
can never remember where it is (Documents and Setting\user\Application
Data\Coridium). You can find it as echo %AppData% from the command line.

But with a 1 line change to TclTerm that's a thing of the past.

This will become part of a new release, but in the meantime that latest
TclTerm.tcl is here in the files section.

Best would be to install the latest tools, and then copy that new TclTerm.tcl
file into the Program Files\Coridium or Program Files\Coridium \bin directory.

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