C with IAP calls

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C with IAP calls

Post by YahooArchive » Thu Feb 14, 2013 5:14 am

This probably wouldn't matter to most programmers, but an application that
extends itself using IAP calls needs to leave unused parts of a sector as all
ones (0xffffffffff....) and neither load21xx.exe nor lpc21isp does that; both
overwrite the entire sector with whatever happens to be in the 4096-byte chunk
of RAM used as the buffer.

My working script is linked to from my blog:
http://jc.unternet.net/blog/Fixed_bug_i ... urn_script and besides being
able to write to the ARMmite (and possibly ARMExpress with some modifications),
it can dump the existing Flash (and RAM) by symlinking as dump.py, and
communicate in "raw" ISP mode by symlinking (or copying, for Windows users) as

Since I didn't put any copyright notice in it, consider it public domain.
Eventually I'll GPL it if I keep working on it -- jc
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