Sample interrupt code

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Sample interrupt code

Post by basicchip » Thu Aug 01, 2013 3:21 pm

>from the help line
> I'm new to Coridium and ARM processor. I see you have C software support but I wonder how the C handle interrupt service routine? Any example with interrupt handle would be appreciate.

In the Cortex parts interrupts are very easy to handle.

Most peripherals have a dedicated interrupt vector, and there is "place-holder" code for each. That code is defined as a "weak" link for the linker. What that means is if you define the same routine in your code it takes precedence over the weakly defined version.

A good example of that is for the UARTs, where the code supports both TX and RX interrupts.

Look at the startup.S IRQ_cortex.c and .h, uart.c and uart.h in the CMSIS\include directory

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