Questions about the BASICtools and MakeItC
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We are working on a real-time four-sensor application (two fast digital and two
slow temperature). Digital events will occur at a maximum of 60 times per
second. Eventually, the platform will control single-cylindar engine spark and
fuel injection using the sensor input.

I am an experienced C programmer (no microcontroller programming experience) ,
and as such I feel can go either way with the programming environment: BASIC or

The BASIC coding seems very straight forward. Part of this project is for a
technical high school, so teaching and student-programming would be great.

The young people collaborating might have an easier time with BASIC, but a well
written C program can be very readable also (pointers to pointers aside). In
addition, there is a robotics club at the school that likely uses C.

1. Does the sampling and control requirements indicate a C vs BASIC solution?
2. Does anyone have experience with high-school level students and C?

Thanks for your input.

- Bill

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