PC control of IO pins

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PC control of IO pins

Post by YahooArchive » Tue Oct 30, 2012 12:01 am

>from info line
>Using an ARMmite to control an external device using a 6 bit digital
>I/O, how do I pass control data from a PC via the USB interface to
the >embedded BASIC program (written by me) in the ARM?
>I need to control a programmable RF attenuator from a PC as part of
>an automated test system. The RF attenuator has a 6 bit TTL
>interface. I am hoping to use the ARMmite to control the attenuator
>and the PC to send the attenuation values to the ARMmite via the USB
>interface (supplied) on the ARMmite card.
>Is this possible?

This is one of the target applications of the ARMmite. There are
numerous IO boards available for the PC, but not many (if any) are
available for less than $50.

The ARMmite can run a program that takes commands from the PC in
either C or BASIC with getline or DEBUGIN. It would then interpret
that command and do the IO.

From the PC side, any program that can send data to a serial port
(which is what the USB port looks like). This would include Tcl
(which we use), VB, C (examples in the file section of this group),
MatLab (samples in the HelpFiles), Python, Delphi and dozens of others.

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