A NASA astronomer selected ARM Ethernet controllers to create a one-off error-correction system for an infrared telescope.
Our secondary mirror assembly would occasionally jerk. So we constructed a system using eight BMA180 accelerometers, each attached to an ARMWeb SBC.
These were then programmed to acquire and stream the accelero- meter data to a Linux server. The server would save and graph the data in real time. When an 'image jump' was recorded, this accelero-
meter data was analyzed to help identify the faulty mechanism.
—Anthony D.,
University of Hawaii


Created for problem solving on the factory floor, the ARM Ethernet products install and operate fast and efficiently. You can write a program to wiggle a pin (say to turn off and on an LED) in a matter of minutes, or less.

       This goes for both C and BASIC. Even our C tool is confgured in less than a minute.

       Our Ethernet MCUs extend the range of monitoring and control for the manufacturing environment.


  • Sensors
  • Monitoring
  • Measurement
  • Logging
  • Simple controls