ARMstamp title

Time to update an old friend

Some 20 years ago I was doing some process control for a new type of display.  Our physicist wanted to set up some burn in and aging tests.  I had been using an 68HC11 as my tool of choice on a board I designed with a lot of prototype area on it. I suggested he use that.  He said sure and asked what do you program it with. I said "assembly language".  He looked at me like I had 2 heads or something, he suggested we use something called a BASIC stamp from Parallax.  We did and it did a lot  of the simple test tasks we needed.

That was 20 years ago and while there are a lot of alternatives now, the original form factor has a lot going for it.  However that stamp has not been updated in those 20 years.

So its time to bring some modern components to that 24 pin form factor.  Take a 50 MHz 32 bit ARM with builtin USB and put it in that same form factor.  As there are more than 16 IO pins grow it in width to get to those 40 pins, but KEEP the same stamp 24 pin footprint.

picture of the next ARM stamp

You probably got here from a KickStarter campaign , the latest updates are there, but when that is successful  this page will go live and it will be a product you can order.  If you want a head start get in on the KickStarter campaign.