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ARMweb Ethernet
Programmable Controller

Coridium ARMweb

Ethernet Programmable Controller
  • Simply Connected™ Technology
  • 10-BaseT Ethernet RJ-45
  • Automatic Network Configuration
  • Program through web browser interface – no software to install
  • Compatible with any device or operating system that supports a web browser – even a PDA!
  • Monitor and modify data via web interface
  • Onboard BASIC compiler runs 30x faster than interpreted BASIC
  • Preconfigured C development package with source or object files will be available at additional cost
  • 512K Flash with 64K available for user code
  • 224K Flash available for user webpages and images
  • 32K SRAM memory stores more than 1200 variables
  • 6 10bit AD and 1 10 bit DA
  • 2.5" x 1.5" prototype area
  • compatible with Hammond 1455J1201 enclosure
Digital Inputs and Outputs
  • 31 pins programmable for input or output
  • >1 million IO operations/sec
  • SPI, I2C,1-Wire support
  • Async SERIAL builtin support upto 115.2 Kb
  • PWM and Frequency synthesis
  • Bytewide bus with RW and CS line
  • TTL compatible, 2.4V threshold, 5V tolerant
  • Link and Activity LEDs for Ethernet port
  • Power indicator LED
  • User controlled LED
  • Push button input
  • Evaluation kit includes USB connection for rapid debug
  • for OEMs - Switching supply can handle upto 60V input
  • ULN2803 to drive 8 high voltage/ high current outputs
  • battery backup for Real Time Clock
Mechanical Specifications
Board Size75x120mm (2.9” x 4.7”)
Operating Temperature-40º to 85ºC
Electrical Specifications
Input Power5-6 VDC
Output Power3.3V regulated, 250mA available to the user
Power Consumptionless than 1W
ProcessorNXP LPC2138 @ 60 MHz