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Setup Utility for BASIC

Setup Utility for C
Using C will erase the BASIC version, and to restore it you have to purchase a Firmware upgrade.

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BASIC Help Files on the Web

C Help Files

BASIC Windows Help File (.CHM)
If you download this with Internet Explorer, you may need to Unblock it, save the file then right click on it and select properties, and hit UnBlock. Firefox or older IE's do not have this issue.

BASIC PDF Help File            C PDF Help File
BASIC file is a 32MB file,         C file is 15 MB

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For more in depth reading
ARMbasic is not compatible with these BASIC versions, but the concepts of these books will apply to the use of the ARMmite and ARMexpress. With some minor modifications many of the programs will run as well.

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Additional Files (NOT required, for installation)

ARMeval FTDI config files

TclTerm source and Windows executeable