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The ARMexpress family of embedded controllers bring the power of an ARM processor to your PC's USB port. These controllers can be programmed in either BASIC or C. You interact with the controller through a simple software communication package. The USB interface accepts direct commands or you can create a program file using any text editor such as Notepad and upload it.

ARMexpress features digital I/Os that can be controlled individually through the IO functions, or as a group using the INS and OUTS functions.

Here is some simple code that will repeatedly blink an LED on and off at 1 second intervals:

  IO(15) = 0   ' turn on the LED
  WAIT(1000)   ' wait a second
  IO(15) = 1   ' turn off the LED
  WAIT(1000)   ' wait a second
UNTIL 0        ' loop forever

Type the code directly in the browser interface or upload it from a text file. Click on the RUN button and the program will be compiled, written into Flash Memory and begin executing.

That program now in Flash will also begin executing whenever the board is reset or powered up.

And the equivalent program in C using the hardware library...

#include "cor_hwlib.h"

while(1){       // loop forever
  LOW(15);      // turn on the LED
  WAIT(1000);   // wait a second
  HIGH(15);     // turn off the LED
  WAIT(1000);   // wait a second

How do I access the ARMexpress?