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Hardware Support
The following are libraries available to C to support special features of the controllers: (features in BLUE have been added for ARMmite ARMexpLITE and PRO family):

Coridium C Hardware Library
AD (pin) Do a 12/10 bit A/D conversion on pin
int COUNT (pin, milliseconds) = COUNT() transitions on pin for milliseconds
int DIR (<expr>) Get current direction of pin <expr>
FREQOUT (pin, milliseconds, freq1 ,freq2) Generate PWM freq1 on pin for milliseconds
HIGH (<expr>) Set pin <expr> to 3.3V
HWPWM (cycle,duty1, duty2, ... duty8) Generate upto 8 channel PWM using hardware
I2CIN (pin, slaveADDR, out1, out2... out5, cnt, *List) Read InputList via I2C device
int I2COUT (pin, slaveADDR, cnt, *List ) Write OutputList to I2C device
int IN (<expr>) Get current value on pin <expr>
INPUT (<expr>) Set pin <expr> as an input
LOW (<expr>) Set pin <expr> to 0V
OUTPUT (<expr>) Set pin <expr> to an output
OWIN (pin, Output1, Output2, ... Output6, cnt, *List ) Input data on pin using 1-Wire protocol
int OWOUT (pin, cnt, *List) Output data on pin using 1-Wire protocol
int PULSIN (pin, level) variable = microseconds pin is at level
PULSOUT (pin, microseconds) Change pin to opposite value for microseconds
PWM (pin, duty, milliseconds) modulate pin for duty/256 for milliseconds
int RCTIME (pin, level) variable = microseconds pin stays at level
SERIN (pin, baudrate, posTrue, cnt, *List) receive data-list on pin at baudrate
SEROUT (pin, baudrate, posTrue, cnt, *List) transmit data-list on pin at baudrate
SHIFTIN (Dpin, Cpin, Mode, cnt, *List, bitlength) variable = data shifted in on Dpin using Cpin clock
SHIFTOUT (Dpin, Cpin, Mode, cnt, *List, bitlength) shift data out on Dpin using Cpin clock
SPIIN (CSpin, inpin, clockpin, out1, out2,...,cnt, *List) read data from SPI device
SPIOUT (CSpin, outpin, clockpin, cnt, *List) write data to an SPI device
WAIT (milliseconds) pause the program for a number of milliseconds