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Custom Design Services
Custom Design Service

Perhaps you have a unique problem and have determined that existing off-the-shelf products are inadequate to the task. Whether you need a minor tweak to one of our existing products or a brand new design from the ground up, Coridium's team of experienced engineers can craft a solution to your problem.

We will work with you to identify the technical and business constraints including:

Once constraints have been established, we perform a preliminary analysis and present you with design tradeoffs that will help define the ultimate solution.

Hardware Design

We can design and implement anything from a customized I/O solution based on an existing product like our ARMweb™, ARMexpress™, or ARMmite controllers, to a full-on custom design. The choice of platform will depend on the identified technical and business constraints. To that, we can add I/O capability to suit the application, whether it is simple digital or analog I/O, industrial I/O, or communication capability including Ethernet, RS232, RS485, and others.

For example- big motors
LPC2148 based large industrial motor controller. This was a redesign of an existing product that was using a now obsolete Rabbit Module. Coridium did the hardware design and software port.

And a custom version of the PROplus with added 7-36V supply input, and all 4 UARTs connected to RS-232 transceivers-


A custom version of the PRO with added RTC and serial Flash


ARMweb based 2hp motor control, solenoid control, six 4-20mA sensor inputs, multiple LEDs, and integrated power supply.


ARMmite data collection and record of speed measurements through remote sense, with setup through an LCD/key entry and storage to a USBflash.


ARMmite data collection of 12V signals in an automotive application.

Our design capability includes designing and validating FPGA's. We can help you understand the tradeoffs and recommend an appropriate solution based on your design constraints. FPGA's in particular are becoming very attractive for small- to medium-volume applications.

Software Development

Software is now a vital part of embedded system design. With experience in software development that includes nearly every major hardware platform, from 8- to 32-bit processors, we can offer a broad range of options to choose from. Whether you need an RTOS, device drivers, network connectivity, application development, or anything in between, chances are we have relevant expertise and experience.

Flexible Business Arrangements

We can work either on a fixed price contract or on a time and materials basis. Contact us today for a free assessment of you needs.

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